Saturday, June 24, 2017

Character – How to Build It

Awareness of our vices should make it easy for us to apply virtue to our lives. However, the opposing force of vice is a mighty deterrent. That is because the soul will never dictate. Its job is not to usurp the desires of the body or the mind. Its mission is to discover and return to the pureness of life. The struggle exists within you. Therefore it may take lifetimes to discover that you have the power to change the nature and structure of your entire being. The soul is unconcerned with time. It patiently waits knowing that eventually each petal of the virtuous self will unfold.

Our lives presents us with content and thus the opportunity to discover through the process of living, the virtues we possess and the virtues we need to gain so that we may evolve. For example you may find that you are a very patient person who is gentle, peaceful, and loving. However, you may also discover that you are weak, indecisive and lack the steadfastness needed to accomplish your earthly mission. Life will then put you in a situation where you have the opportunity to discover your vices. What you do with this is how you create karma. To transcend Karma is to consciously act virtuously while removing the vices in each and every situation.  When you are feeling weak and indecisive seek patience and balance.

It is balance that we are here to discover. It is only in a state of balance that we find clarity. Emotional ripples always muddy the clarity of the mind. If you lose your patience with someone and become angry you lose your balance.  In this there is a lesson. There is a big difference between observing your anger and reminding yourself to pull back to your center and reclaim your balance, or proclaiming that someone made you angry and it is all their fault that you anguishing. It is your anguish that you need to remove to regain your balance. You need to practice patience (a virtue) and in this you will change your karma.

Life presents us with many opportunities to truly know ourselves. Let’s say you are a person of honor and integrity. You encounter a situation where another individual is doing something unethical. Let’s even say this person is making money doing this unethical thing. You on the other hand are being ethical, but still struggling for money. Where is the justice in this? There is no justice in life. That is why we have laws. And the laws of karma simply teach us that life becomes what life does. Money comes and goes, but character last for lifetimes. So choose wisely.

Doctor Lynn


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