Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The Greatest Obstacle

The greatest obstacle in your way is your mind. Our thoughts often time direct our life without us even being aware of it. Thought patterns repeated become habits. These habits can be positive or negative. Positively they free the mind to focus on other things. For example – tying your shoes is a habit. You can do it without thinking.  You can focus on other things at the same time you are tying your shoes.  Habits therefore can be time saving and a great sense of freedom. However, habits can also make us their servant. Repeat a bad habit over and over, like smoking a cigarette, and soon we are enslaved.

Now there are several ways to free the mind of negative habits. One is to feed it positive thoughts and the other is to deny it negative thoughts. But this requires controlling the conscious mind. The conscious mind has a tendency to move in many directions and is easily influenced.

How do we control the mind?  By paying close attention to our thoughts, words and deeds.  If they are serving the greater good you have removed the negative and replaced it with the positive.


Merely replacing negative with positive energy is like trying to fill a cup that is riddles with holes. No matter how much you try to fill the cup it will be empty. First you need to fill the holes by paying attention to your thoughts, word and deed and then fill the cup. How? Be at peace and content with what comes into your life, as well as with what must depart. And always think, speak and act towards the greatest good.

The ego pulls you away from the center. The higher power brings you back. Live from your center and you will be wise.

Doctor Lynn

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