Saturday, December 03, 2016

Finding Peace in a Restless World

The process of spiritual growth should be natural like a growing tree and not forced or frenetic. It requires patient to find stillness and contentment. Think about how many things you do in hopes of resting after you have achieved your goals. First let me get this and then let me get that and then I will relax and enjoy life.

Thus we acquire the habit of seeking more and more in an attempt to be able to relax and enjoy our life. The problem is that we never arrive. We get caught up in the rat race. Stress becomes prevalent in our lives. Soon the stress leads to illness.

It is not that we should cease to be active. It is that we should be peacefully active in all our activities. When we are doing we should be doing with a sense of peace and contentment no matter the outcome.

Yogananda once was asked if the spiritual path had an end. He said “No end. You go on until you reach endlessness.”

Don’t let your approach to life be so achievement oriented that you forget to enjoy the moments. In the end you can’t take with you even one copper penny.

Let’s practice today not to achieve anything, but simply to enjoy the process of discovering peace.


Peace isn’t waiting for you over the next hill. It is not something you construct like a house. It is something you already possess deep within your soul. The ego will constantly pull you here and there searching for satisfaction, but the soul, if you let it, will teach you to be, as Yogananda said,” Calmly active and actively calm.” This is how to find peace in a restless world. Be at peace with what is…

Doctor Lynn


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