Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seek Balance in all things

Some people feel that if their life is not full of drama and stress they are not living a full life. They seem to thrive off the energy until one day they collapse. With drama and stress we fall victim to negative attitudes. The world becomes dark and full of fear.

Balance on the other hands is a place of stillness, quietude and harmony. This is the place where we support our health body, mind and soul. The natural tendency of the body is to seek homeostasis or balance. The natural tendency of the mind is to run wild with emotions. When the mind is running wild the body reacts and we experience the negative effects of stress.

So we need to learn to control the mind if we want to maintain our health.  We begin with our attitudes which should be focused on our higher power and not the ego. And this all begins with learning to love and accept ourselves and others for the uniqueness and beauty we all are as individual human beings while understanding that we are all also connected as one great web of energy. Without you I could not teach this class and without me you would not have this class to attend. Together we all create the energy of cohesiveness. This is our higher power.

So lets’ stretch, move, breath and dance together and support the most important thing in our lives – our good health; body, mind and soul.

We can practice being quiet and still, but it only serve us when we use this practice to find the divine energy within. Each of us is a unique person with a connection or bond to the whole of life. We need each other to support life.  So be your unique beautiful self while appreciating the beauty in all of life and you will rise above the drama and stress and find balance. Seek balance in all things and in all things find balance.

Doctor Lynn

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