Thursday, July 14, 2016

Only Three Things You Need

No matter what anyone tells you there are only three things you need to bring about a life of health and balance. This is no great revelation. They are:

1.     Eat healthy in proportion -  this requires  choice

2.     Exercise every day – even if it is a short walk - this requires discipline

3.     A positive mental attitude – this requires faith or trust and confidence

Choice, discipline and faith are all you need to navigate life. Choice means making the best decisions to support your health. Proportion means taking only enough to satisfy a need. Attitudes are a bit more difficult to change. Your attitude is grounded in your sense of trust and confidence. It gets attached to the ego and then begins to battle with itself. The only way to change an attitude is to be open to changing your point of view. You make the choice, employ the discipline and then trust yourself with complete confidence that you can develop a posture of self-love instead of self-hatred because when you have trust in yourself to implement the discipline necessary to make good choices you empower yourself and this is all you need to live a healthy and balanced life.  Let’s get started!

What choices do you need to make today to bring positive energy to your life? Don’t let the outside substances of life (food, cigarettes, alcohol, excess spending, gambling and negative people) have more power over your life than you have. Discipline yourself to choose trust and confidence and you will bring to your life balance and health. Have a healthy day!

Doctor Lynn

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