Saturday, July 23, 2016

Be Your Center - Yoga Today

We all have the habit of living life from the periphery rather than our center. To find our center the first thing we must do is self-acceptance. You are who you are so you must first learn to accept yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. Envy no one. Instead encourage yourself to attain your highest potential. As you try to live up to the highest that is you, you will find yourself progressing towards soul consciousness. But this will be difficult as the ego will constantly be tempting you to compare and envy.

Self-acceptance is not something that comes from the outside inward. It comes from the center and projects outward. This journey requires that you resist the lower tendencies to judge, hate and attempt to control.  It’s about acceptance. You must find it within your conscience. With a clear conscience you can strive for your highest self. With a clear conscience you will be able to quiet your mind. Without a quiet mind you will not be able to find your center. Let’s practice quieting the mind and locating our center.

Self-acceptant makes it possible for us to view others from their highest potential. Only from within will it be possible for you to truly know others. When you relate to others from your center they may or may not relate to you from their center. We cannot control another person’s level of self-acceptance. But at least you will be able to see the potential in all of life. Souls always speak to other souls. They listen too. So be centered, accept yourself for who you are and relate to the world from your center. Remember center everywhere circumference nowhere.

Doctor Lynn

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