Thursday, June 30, 2016

Healthy Relationships – Doctor Lynn’s Daily Dose - how to relate

We are all in relationships; simply by being here today you are relating to others. How we relate is of vital importance if we are to establish healthy relationships. Balance is required. We cannot hang on too tight nor stay too distance, but must find that place of balance between the two. What we need is respect, trust and compromise. If you do not have respect and trust the relationship can never be healthy. Compromise means the ability to step back and see the other person’s point of view without becoming overly identified with our own wants and needs. In other words we need to let go of the controlling ego and realize that everyone shares the same feelings and emotions. It is how we handle them that makes the difference. Relate from the soul and not the ego because we are all one.

A healthy relationship is a fine choreographed dance. We cannot connect with another until we dissolve the boundaries that are keeping us disconnected. At the same time we cannot completely merge with another or we risk losing our sense of self. So how do we dance on the fine edge of balance? Open your heart with understanding and compassion as you give and receive for the soul.

Doctor Lynn

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