Saturday, June 18, 2016


In New York I went to the top of one world observatory and saw a panoramic view of New York. Below are the ground zero monuments and the museum. The monuments are serene, but the museum is humbling. Inside there is a quiet sense of remembrance for that awful day on 9/11. It reminds us of both the horror of hatred and the beauty of human kindness. It’s important to remember both the good and the bad. They both keep us humble.

After that we ventured to Nashville and Memphis where the heart and the soul of the culture is music. The blues, country and rock and toll were born in the South and are a part of our heritage. The people are extremely friendly and the culture is simple, but the energy is vibrant.

The south also reminds us of slavery, war and hardship. It shows us the good and the bad of humankind. Again it is good to look at both for they humble us.  The world is based upon duality. There will always be pleasure and there will always be pain. There will always be war and there will always be music. This is human nature. To uplift this we need to tap into our spiritual consciousness. This is the place where we all unite as one. This place is found in the quiet moments between thoughts, emotions and opinions. This is why we stop to do a sitting Zen. This is why we practice yoga. It humbles us.   


Sit quiet in the moment free of thoughts, emotions and opinions. Tap into your spiritual consciousness and be one with all of life. Although there will always be war and hatred there will also always be love and music. It’s in our souls!

Doctor Lynn

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