Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Second Modification of the Mind

The first modification is right knowledge. The second is wrong knowledge. If you are functioning from the wrong center of being whatever you do you will do wrongly and whatever you choose you will choose wrongly. If your center is out of balance you will be operating from wrong knowledge. Just as if when your center is not engaged in a yoga pose you will lose your balance. Even when you think you are doing good you will probably be doing from the wrong center of energy and in this you will receive the wrong results. You can’t think about right and wrong. You simply have to know from your center which way to move, how to be open and flexible and when it is good to hold strong.

Here is a simple story of how trying to do something good can actually lead to doing something wrong. A man visited a saint. The saint sat in silence. The man finally asked the saint to give him a message for life, a direction so that he could know what the right thing to do is.  The saint said, “Do good and throw it in the well.” This is a very old Sufi saying which simply means do something good and forget about it. Do not walk around thinking about how good you have been. Simply be good.

The next day the man helped an old woman cross the street and then he pushed her into the well. Do good and throw it in the well. If your wrong center of self in functioning no matter what you do it will be with wrong knowledge.

We will continue to work on this, but for today lets’ see if we can find our center, know how to move so that we remain flexible and yet stay strong at the same time.

Doctor Lynn

This week, do good and throw it in the well. No, do not help an old lady and throw her down the well! Do good and then let it go. In this you will be in right knowledge because right knowledge is always good and never needs reminding.

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