Saturday, April 09, 2016

The Modifications of the Mind – don’t choose- adjust

Modification of the mind or your thoughts is just like modifying the poses in yoga class. It’s not that we change; it’s that we make a slight adjustment so that we find the place that is comfortable and right for us. We don’t choose to either stay in the pose or to not do the pose we simply move in such a way that the body becomes comfortable, the mind becomes quiet and the soul takes a breath. Modification means to make slight adjustments. So when we modify the mind we are consciously minding the mind. We are in control of where our thoughts go. We are constantly modifying our thoughts to bring us either anguish or non-anguish.

The first modification is right knowledge. With right knowledge one never has to choose. It is not a decision between what is good and what is bad. One simply moves towards good. To do this you must find your center. It is from here you can choose. Your center is the place that from wherever you go or whatever you do it always leads you to good.  But remember everything in life gets modified or adjusted to each of our own points of view.

So use the yoga poses to understand modification. If you struggle with a pose modify it by moving closer to your center which is the place where you will always find your balance.

If you find yourself struggling this week, modify your thoughts and move yourself closer to your center. It is the place of right knowledge and will always lead you towards what is good.

Doctor Lynn

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