Saturday, April 16, 2016

Right Knowledge- the first modification of the mind.

Right knowledge means you are able to choose what is right for you without debate. There is no decision making; you simply move in the direction that is right. A good analogy is a sunflower. Grounded and rooted it simply moves towards the sun. It doesn’t think about what is right it simply moves in that direction.

Knowledge is very powerful. We all know what is right for us and we also know when we are anguishing over something. When anguishing stop and adjust your thoughts and then move in the direction that is right for you without getting hurt or hurting anyone or anything because the first and probably most important part of practicing yoga is to do no harm.

So today choose to move in and out of the poses without harm and with what is right for you. If you listen to your body you will know what is comfortable and what is a struggle. You will know when and how to modify the pose so it is right for you. But be very careful when choosing. Don’t give in to weakness or avoid something because it is a challenge. Remember the sunflower must work to bend and move towards the sun so it can grow.

Right knowledge; stay grounded and strong while always moving in the direction that is right. This is the direction where you do no harm to yourself, to others and to the universe. Listen to your soul and you will always know the right direction and be armed with the right knowledge. With this we all make the world a better place.    

Doctor Lynn

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