Saturday, April 23, 2016

If right knowledge is present in your being you’ll be centered, you won’t need to pray, or undertake any form of worship or ritual. You will simply know what is right and you will move in that direction. Right knowledge will keep you centered and when you are centered you find your balance. Balance is the place between extremes, in yoga certain poses take us to the extreme and this is where we can get hurt if we are not centered, likewise we can refrain from doing something (like a pose) out of fear and this too can hurt us. To live a life of yoga is to live between extremes; never too little and never too much.

Right knowledge means to do what produces “good” without harm. If someone is harming you then speak up and end the harm. This will take strength, but is necessary to bring balance to your life.

Today let’s work on balance. This means to always come back to your center. Your center is your strength. The moment you let go of it you’ll know it. The practice of yoga is to make you aware of your center (your strength) and then to teach you how to always come back to it; because in life you will lose your balance. Things will happen to cause you to feel weak. The quicker you recover and pull back to your center the stronger you will be and in this strength you will find your balance.

Let’s start our practice and see how this works. Look for the moments you feel strong and the moment you feel weak. Both have much to teach you.

Right knowledge always leads to strength. When you are grounded in right knowledge no matter where you go or what you do you will always connect with the temple of your soul. Here you will always find the truth. Seek balance in all things and in all things find balance. That is the way to right knowledge.

Doctor Lynn
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