Wednesday, February 03, 2016

RejuYOUvenation Yoga™ – Your Aura

Everything in the universe exists because of polarity or the interaction of opposites. The bonding and balancing force between and within all forms of energy and matter is the polarity of positive and negative energy. This is true for atoms, the earth, the stars and all of creation. This is what holds the gross physical body and the aura together. As the aura is affected by life so does the energy of the aura affect the body?

Humans are capable of perceiving the movement of energy around them and through their body which can actually be measured. Examples would be body temperature and brain waves. But most humans don’t realize that they are comprised of two basic bodies, the gross physical body and the aura. The aura is like a high energy blue print that surrounds physical matter. We can best understand this by observing other people. We call this getting a “vibe” when in fact it is the energy of the aura.

An example would be stress. Even if a person is smiling we can usually pick up on something about their energy that is out of sorts.  The basic difference between the west and yoga is that in the west we are addicted to experiences. Yoga doesn’t give value to experiences it simply seeks to transcend them. Yoga works much like naturopathy in that it believes that we must address energy on all levels body, mind and soul.

 A good analogy for how emotions affect the aura and then the health of the body would be to look at the ocean. The best place to view the ocean is from a mountain or an airplane and not from the water itself. To look at the psychological aspect of t the mind from within the mind is like looking at the ocean from under the water. The view is limited and if we open our mouths to speak water will enter and we will choke and drown.

Yoga does not deny psychological problems, but rather emphasizes transcending rather than analyzing.

The health of your body is affected by the energy of your aura. The aura is affected by your thoughts and the emotions you place onto them. Think of the aura as an energy field of protection. Become aware of how your emotions affect your energy fields. Learn to observe, let go and find peace and serenity. The best advice I can give when it comes to your health, body, mind  and soul is to be aware of the dynamic forces of energy, observe yourself without judgment, recognize your own shortcomings and begin to make the appropriate corrections that will bring balance to the energy of the body, the mind and the soul.


Doctor Lynn

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