Saturday, October 24, 2015

Yoga Today the Obstacles- Attachment

The first two obstacles are ignorance (which mean to be unaware) and the ego. Remember the ego is not to be annihilated. It is to be controlled. The self will always be falsely represented by the ego until ignorance is removed. This means to remove self-righteousness, self-importance and selfishness. Be compassionate and understanding. We are all equal. However, we are all different and that is what makes the world so interesting.  The third obstacle is attachment. Because of egoism there is attachment to things for the egos pleasure. We attach ourselves to that which brings us pleasure and then we fear losing it. Fear is the ignorant face of the ego.

Most humans find life quite painful because they are locked into possessiveness and can’t adjust to the ever changing nature of life. Everything is transitory. The key word is detachment. Not detachment from things, but detachment from our identification with things. It means to detach from both pleasure and pain and simply experience the essence of life, which is transitory and ever changing. Even this moment cannot last. It quickly moves onto the next moment and then the next moment.

Again this does mean detaching from the object or the person, but to detach from our identification with the pleasure or the pain this object or person brings into our life. Life is meant to be observed and lived; not possessed. Be aware, control the ego and detach by observing life and letting it flow as it will.

Although you may amass ten thousand pieces of gold, at death you cannot take with you even one copper penny. According to Karma yoga, all you take with you when you depart this world is the wisdom you have gained. Choose wisely.

Doctor Lynn

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