Saturday, October 03, 2015

Yoga Today-Ignorance

We practice yoga to minimize the obstacle that get our way and prevent us from finding peace.  They are ignorance, egoism, attachment to things and clinging to life. Today we are going to look at ignorance.

In yoga ignorance does not mean being stupid; it means being unaware of the true nature of SELF. We are not our body and our mind. But the soul has chosen them to create earthly you. The body is the vehicle for the soul and the mind is the soul’s instrument. The soul is struggling to control the body and the mind so it can use them for its evolution. We are ignorant in that we let the body and the mind rule our life. An example would be when you say, “I am tired.” You are not tired. The body and the mind are tired. The soul is never tired.

According to karma yoga when we reincarnated back to earth we developed a state of amnesia so that we forgot about our prior lives. Our journey now is to try and reconnect with our self which is the soul.

Once you accept that you are the essence of life that is everywhere and is everything then the illusion “maya” is removed and we see clearly the nature of SELF which is eternal.  We have nothing to fear. Life is a long learning process and the soul is here simply to learn. That is the essence of life. Let’s practice because nothing is achieved without practice.

Awareness leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to peace. We begin to understand that we are not about the life we are living, but through the life we are living we have an opportunity to know the true SELF. And when you discover the true SELF you will find peace.

How? With dedication and continued practice.  

Doctor Lynn

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