Thursday, October 01, 2015

Spiritual Fitness- Master Your Emotions

Let’s focus on the Astral Layer of energy or our emotions. Remember thoughts are pure. We give emotion to them and once they take on emotion they begin to affect our state of being. An example would be stress. Stress is an emotion of fear. We fear losing control. So should we stop having thoughts and stop giving them emotions? No, this is not likely to happen. We are souls here on earth having a human experience and that experience includes thoughts and emotions. Awareness is the key. Try to catch yourself giving emotion to your thoughts. When you feel the emotion, stop, feel it and realize this is not you. It is one of life’s’ experiences and what you do with this experience determine the nature of your life. So if you are feeling anger or having any other emotion defuse it. How?  Awareness, a deep breath and then get up and dance!

Let’s start with yoga and then we’ll dance


Become the witnessing consciousness of your life. Learn to separate your thoughts and your emotions. You are not your emotions. You are pure energy. So take a deep breath and gently release the emotion. Then get up and let your pure energy dance!

Doctor Lynn

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