Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yoga Today- Verbal Austerity

Be Careful with What and How You Speak – words are powerful so choose them wisely

We all communicate. We use words to express our ideas, our thoughts and our emotions. And it is these words and how we speak them that often times get us into trouble. Yoga is pretty clear about how we should communicate. In the ideal our speech should bring tranquility, and should be truthful, pleasant and beneficial.

We should avoid bitter, harsh and critical words. These only lead to hurt and pain. We should also refrain from giving other people the permission to say hurtful words.

When we speak our words should be meaningful, beautiful and necessary.  If we cannot say something nice; we should not speak. This is verbal austerity. This is not easy. This is why we practice yoga. Yoga teaches us to carefully examine the words we use and the way we communicate. This can only be achieved with awareness and practice. Let’s practice.

We should not speak what is true if it is not pleasant. We should always seek to do no harm.  Yes we should speak the truth, but never with the intention to harm. We also should not speak what is pleasant if it is not true.  This is speaking falsely.  If you cannot say something that is beneficial, pleasant and truthful with an intention to bring tranquility, than take the vow of silence. This is verbal austerity.

Doctor Lynn

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