Saturday, September 05, 2015

Yoga Today – Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is something we all desire. Anguish and stress is a part of life and it is these thoughts, as well as, positive thoughts such as happiness and joy that take us away from a complete state of peacefulness. Peace of mind can only be found when we quiet the mind and stop thinking. Peace is found in complete silence. That is why when we talk about it or try to explain it, peace eludes us. Only in moments of quietude do we truly experience peace. That is why we do the sitting Zen. It gives us a moment to step back from everything and simply be quiet. You can never know a tree-ness until you become a tree.  And it is the same with peace - you can never know peacefulness until you become peaceful.

So take a deep breath and detach. Be present and let’s practice yoga because it is through the practice of yoga that you might have the opportunity to find peace. Nothing is achieved without practice!


Sit quiet and embrace the quietude of peace and serenity. Take this energy with you and apply it to your life for there is nothing more valuable in life than your health and your peace of mind.

Doctor Lynn

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