Saturday, September 26, 2015

Yoga Today- Obstacles

Why do we practice yoga? Hatha is the physical part which improves the strength, balance and flexibility of the body. The philosophy such as Kriya yoga (which means balance in all things) is a guide for living a spiritual life. With both we encounter obstacles. Sometimes the body has been neglected, injured or is sick and struggles with the poses. With the philosophy we struggle with the obstacles of life. Without the practice such as that in Kriya we can never overcome these obstacles.

The obstacles are ignorance, egotism, attachment, hatred and clinging to physical life. The order of these obstacles is important because from ignorance (unawareness) of self comes egotism and from egotism we get attached to things for the egos pleasure. Because the things we get attached to do not come our way or are taken from us we develop hatred and resentment. And finally because we are attached to things and afraid of death we cling to life.

We cannot overcome all of these obstacles in one yoga class or a hundred yoga classes, but we can begin today to focus on building strength, balance and flexibility. These are the basic elements for overcoming the obstacles of life.

Let’s get started;

To overcome the obstacles is to reach a state of complete peace and serenity.  We may struggle with ignorance, with the ego, with attachment, hatred and clinging to life, but if we practice yoga with sincerity we will eventually be able to bring balance, strength and flexibility to our lives; body, mind and soul; and the obstacles will subside.

Doctor Lynn

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