Saturday, September 12, 2015

Yoga Today - Liberation

When one door closes another opens.
The aim of yoga is liberation. That means we become detached from all of life without indifference. We simply learn to observe all of life as simply a part of living. Things come and things go. One moment we are happy and the next we are sad. The problem is we all want to be happy, but sadness also can bring us liberation.  We are sad at the loss of someone or something, but this presents us with the greatest opportunity to learn to detach and let go. We learn to look upon everything as simply the process of life. We also realize that every time something is lost something is gained. It takes awareness to remember, what is taken away from you is always replaced by that which you more dearly need.

Freedom or liberation is the ability to live your life without being perturb or attached. This brings peace of mind. This is a very difficult task. The yoga poses are easy to learn. It is the yoga of life that is difficult to attain. That is why we practice yoga. Nothing is achieved without practice.


What is the real practice of yoga? It is the complete understanding and mastery over your mind. Then you are liberated. Then you are free. Be at peace with your world.

Doctor Lynn

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