Thursday, September 03, 2015

We are made up of layers of energy

We have a body and an aura and then we have the astral layer or the place where our emotions reside. In the astral layer we give emotion to our thoughts. These emotionalized thoughts then penetrate the etheric layer or our aura. Our presence is thus affected by the emotionalized thoughts. If the thoughts are strong enough and have duration they penetrate the gross physical self. If the thoughts are of anger, jealousy, greed and hatred, or if we are over stressed they have the potential to manifest into disease.

For example: stress is about fear and disconnects one from the spiritual essence of self because the spirit exists without fear. The thought (fear) becomes emotionalized and penetrates the aura. Your presence changes from harmony to fear and stress. It is evident in the energy you give off. If the fear and stress are of duration they affect us physically, as we know through the adrenal response. If the fear and stress is a continuum the physiological response manifests into heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

Being spiritually connected we are able to separate the thoughts and the emotions and connect with our eternal self which is void of fear. We literally become the witnessing consciousness to the dynamics of our lives. We learn that we are not our emotions and therefore do not need to keep them. We can release them.

Spiritual Fitness

This does not mean we suppress our emotions, but rather experience them as something separate from our pure and true self, which is void of fear. We begin by catching ourselves having an emotional thought. As if being a separate being we are able to stand back from ourselves and watch the drama unfold. As we watch our actions and reactions we become witnesses to a state of being that we now know we have the full power to change. We literally catch the emotionalized thoughts and release them. This then is how we manage to change fear into harmony.
Doctor Lynn

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