Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yoga Today- Neutrality

In yoga our ultimate goal is to become one with the spiritual force of the universe. This is a place of complete balance. The closest we can come to this here on earth is through meditation. But this requires that we clear the mind of all thought. The body and the mind exist in the material world. They are tethered to the world by the ego.

The spiritual world is beyond the material world, so as long as we have thoughts we are bound by the forces of karma to the material world. Thought are material- they manifest.

When you meditate pay careful attention to the thoughts that arise. All thoughts are like strings that keep us tied to emotions; both positive and negative.

 Ultimately we are striving for a state of complete neutrality. But we are humans here on earth living an earthly life which is full of emotional states such as anger, fear, hurt, greed, misperceptions and pride. So the first thing to do is move away from negative emotions and focus on positive emotions. Because it is positive emotions that neutralize negative emotions. The second step is to remove even the positive emotions and simply observe. Emotions throw us into action and action creates karma. Ultimately we are striving to become the observant one. Simply observe life and you will find a state of peacefulness and this state of peacefulness will bring contentment to your soul. With contentment comes happiness and then your soul is free to open the doorway to spirituality.

The sitting Zen is the closest we can come to experiencing this neutrality. So let’s begin our practice today with a sitting Zen. Close your eyes, clear your mind and simply focus on three deep long breathes.

Pay attention to your emotions as they arise. Observe them and you will notice how even the positive ones disturb a state of peacefulness. However, if negative emotions arise quickly change them to a positive emotion. If you feel anger, observe,and then change your thoughts to that of compassion. Remember we are all humans and we are all here doing the best we can.

The goal of yoga is to bring balance to your life and thus attain happiness. You cannot become happy until you balance your life. So seek balance in all things and in all things find balance.

Doctor Lynn



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