Saturday, August 15, 2015

Yoga for a Successful Life- Concentration

Today lets’ practice concentration.  What you focus on in life is what you become. This is karma yoga; cause and effect and Bhakti yoga; devotion. What you devote yourself to is what you become. Sit in easy pose with your eyes closed and your hands resting on your knees. Envision a brilliant globe or glowing lotus flower in your heart.  This brilliant divine light is beyond all anxieties, fears and worries. Make that supreme light you.

This represents your divine consciousness. Take some deep breathes and practice letting your mind get absorbed into this divine consciousness and enjoy the moment.

Now let’s continue our yoga practice. Stay present and remember nothing is achieved without practice


Sit quiet and breathe. Focus on the inner glowing divine light that is you. In the beginning you will need to practice focusing and concentrating on your inner light, but if practiced enough this glowing divine light will become your reality.


Doctor Lynn

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