Thursday, August 27, 2015

What are we?

We are an expanding energy force made up of seven layers of energy and eight chakras. The first layer of energy is your physical self. It is the densest and heavy layer of energy. It is the manifestation of the material being. The second layer is your aura or the energy that gives presence to you. Today we are going to focus on the physical and the aura.

We will work the physical today by doing yoga and yoga dance. This in turn will affect the aura. But likewise the aura affects the body. Think of the aura as a shield of energy that surrounds your body. It picks up vibrations from the universe. When you walk into a room or meet someone you immediately pick up vibrations about the energy that permeates that area or that person.

The aura protects the body. Disease and negative energy attack the aura first and then is transferred to the body. A healthy aura is balanced, flexible, strong and peaceful.

Ever notice a person with positive energy? It doesn’t matter what they look like or how much money they have- they just give off an air of positivity. Ever notice how when you leave an exercise class you feel lighter, energized and an improvement to your balance, flexibility and strength? That is because your aura and your body are in balance with each other.

Pay attention to what you do with your body and how it affects your energy shield or your aura. In order to maintain good health you must resonate with positive energy. If the body is strong enough when outside influences try to disturb your health the aura and the body will work together to maintain your balance, your strength and will give you the flexibility to flow and move with life with a sense of grace and ease.  Pay attention to your energy field. It is you!

Doctor Lynn

Spiritual Fitness

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