Saturday, August 22, 2015

Concentration- Taming the Ego

What you focus on is what you become. This is the law of Karma yoga. Sit quiet and concentrate on only one thing. Focus on the glowing warm light that is centered in the heart chakra. It is the light of compassion.

 When you focus on compassion you remove pride and when you remove pride you tame the ego. Taming the ego is your biggest challenge for it is the ego that keeps you separate from the entire universe. It is the ego that makes us feel righteous and important. It also makes us feel inferior. The ego is how we get hurt, angry, fearful, disappointment and experience emotional pain.

The mind is like a tree. If you let it the mind will branch out in many directions. Life energy gets scattered and the ego overrides understanding.

If you could focus solely on the light within, you would extinguish the blazing heat of the ego. The ego is the force of all destruction. So what we want to do is purify the mind and the best way to purify the mind is to focus on one thing like the light of your soul because the soul is pure. It is the body and the mind that get us into trouble.

Let’s practice yoga for it is only through continual practice that we can hope to achieve a state of peace and serenity.
If you put a red flower near a clear crystal the crystal will take on the color red. Likewise, whatever you put in the mind you become. Life becomes what life does, so focus on one good thing such as compassion and take on the light of your soul.

Doctor Lynn

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