Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your Most Powerful Guide- Intuition

The sixth chakra (energy center) is the seat of the witnessing consciousness. It is our sense of intuition.

Intuition has been defined as “the immediate knowing of something without conscious reasoning.” It is a sense of power.

One of the functional types of intuition is discovery.  Through verifiable facts we discover certain insights about ourselves. An example would be keeping a journal.

Operative intuition, another functional type is acting or operating based upon a feeling. We get a hunch and act upon it. It might be what we consider good luck. However, the closer we get to spiritual fitness the greater our ability to use operative intuition to witness our modes of operation. We begin to operate on a higher level, receiving messages or urges that lead us to decision that connect us with our higher self.

Intuition is our most powerful sense and the one we trust the least.  So see, hear, taste, touch and smell, and then take a moment to take a breath and listen to your intuition. It is your most powerful guide.
Doctor Lynn

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