Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Four Keys to Happiness and Serenity.

The first is -Be happy for those who are happy and prosperous. Never be jealous. Jealousy only disturbs your mind and destroys your happiness.

 The second is-When you see unhappy people; be compassionate.  Perhaps these people are suffering from karma. If you can lend a helping hand, do it. If you can share half a loaf of bread, share it. Be compassionate and by doing that you will always retain peace of mind. Our goal in life is to keep peace and serenity within our own mind. So be compassionate, because even if that compassion does not help others, by being compassionate we help ourselves to find peace and serenity.

Before performing any mental or physical actions you should always reflect upon the consequences. Be happy for the fortunate and compassionate for the unfortunate- in this your mind will be peaceful.  And what is compassion? It is a desire to help and ease another’s burden. Be compassionate.

The third- next week.

Doctor Lynn

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