Thursday, July 02, 2015

Intuition – the knowing beyond knowing

The sixth chakra or third eye is located between the eyebrows. It controls the pineal and the pituitary glands, the eyes, ears and nose. Its related diseases are colds, sinus problems, and headaches.

 It is the source of the soul and the center of intelligence or subtle mind. It has the ability to pierce the veil of illusion, (our misperceptions) which is the source of our problems. Its battle is the constant struggle between creation and destruction. To transcend is to become the witnessing consciousness.

The witnessing consciousness is where we are able to separate ourselves from our thoughts and actions and witness ourselves without emotion or judgement. It is here we are able to clearly see ourselves and to know which choice is the best for us to make. This is the function of intuition. The closer we get to spiritual fitness the stronger our sense of intuition. It is amazing how intense this form of energy can be when you are in touch with your authentic self.

All of life is a struggle between creation and destruction. Every time something is created, something is destroyed. When you create love you destroy hate. It is the law of nature. Listen quietly to your intuitive self and you will always make the right choice.

Doctor Lynn

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