Saturday, July 11, 2015

Four Key to Happiness

Whether you strive to find enlightenment or not these four keys will help you to find peace and serenity in your daily life.

The first two are to be happy for those who are happy and prosperous. Never be jealous. This will only disturb your peace of mind. Second have compassion and understanding for those who are unhappy; even if the compassion is not received. By simply being compassionate toward those who are unhappy, angry, sad, and less fortunate you will find peace and serenity.

The third is to find delight in virtuous people. When you meet people who are virtuous (a person of high moral and ethical standards) try to imitate them. Don’t envy them or try to pull them down. Try to elevate yourself to their level.  Karma teaches us that we are here to rid ourselves of our vices and gain virtues. These virtues include patience, compassion, commitment, truth, non-violence, non-stealing, non-greed and contentment. Practice these and you will find peace of mind.

Be happy for others, be compassionate for the less fortunate and appreciate virtuous people. Try to lift yourself to their standards. Be compassionate and understanding with everyone you meet. Everyone and everything has the potential to bring you peace and serenity.

Doctor Lynn

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