Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yoga today - The Second Secret to Concentration

The first secret is to be able to gently pull your mind back to the object of concentration. It is the nature of the mind to drift. We must learn to consciously and gently pull the mind back. Last week we focused on happiness. Let’s sit for a moment and focus on being happy. Close your eyes and focus on what make you feel happy. Take a few breathes and enjoy the moment.

The second secret to concentration is the ability to hold your mind to the object without adding details. Remove the details of what makes you happy and just focus on happiness. You will notice that as you begin to experience happiness the mind will wander and you will begin to fill in details about the place, person and things that make you happy. Try to hold your mind onto pure happiness. Be happy independent of anything. We are attempting to isolate happiness from everything else in the universe so that we can experience pure happiness. We are attempting to separate our consciousness from the matrixes of life and gain insight into our consciousness for it is in consciousness that we have the opportunity to truly know happiness. It is not outside of you. It is found within.

Don’t worry if you struggle with this. Just gently bring the mind back to the moment and know that with practice and dedication you will soon discover the secret to happiness.

Doctor Lynn

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