Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Seven Spiritual Rays of Discernment - Who, what, where, why, which, how and when

Everything on earth sprang forth from the seven rays of light. Light is energy. It is the essence of life. According to Karma we are all here to live out our purpose and find meaning. The problem arises when we distort the pure nature of life which can only be found through the soul.

Life began from a burst of energy. Whether you call this pure consciousness, God, the Absolute or the big bang all of life began as a burst of cosmic energy. This energy burst into the seven rays of light or the seven rays of discernment. This burst created both an outer sense of reality and an inner sense of knowing. The outer separates us. It is called the ego. The inner unites us. It is known as the cosmic consciousness.
As human being we are constantly seeking meaning. It is what motivates us and gives us a sense of purpose. We all seek to discover the unity and oneness and this is what defines the soul within us. The soul is the inherent divine sense that gives us purpose, direction and fulfills our destiny.

We all take on a false sense of self. This is known as the ego. It traps us into a life of illusion, temptation and seduction. It distorts our pure view of the world. It traps us into thinking that success is in having rather than being. The soul becomes less and the physical world becomes more. This always leads to a feeling of wanting, lacking and needing.

We witness this every day in the struggles we all feel. In our distorted view of the world we get attached to things, relationships, looking good, having more and being successful. The material world limits us and thus we become stuck in our limitations and experience unhappiness and disappointment.

Every situation in life presents us with an opportunity. We can either separate and live from the ego or internalize and reconnect with the soul. If our goal is to find the inner unity in life, we will find that when we express our inherent gifts we achieve harmony and flow easily with life. The problem arises when we distort life and see ourselves as separate (the ego). This creates fear and discord.

Once we begin to consciously recognize how we distort our lives we can with concentration and commitment overcome the obstacles and begin to express our inherent gifts and thus liberate the soul and reach a state of enlightenment.

Concentrated effort to transcend the distortions of life creates peace and harmony, and in that you will discover your purpose and meaning.

To simplify – it is that place where you consciously observe the expression of yourself and learn to step back from the distortions (deceit, a greed anger and pride) and align yourself with the inner voice of the soul.    
Follow along as we discover the seven rays and the discover the distortions and how to voer come them.
Doctor Lynn

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