Saturday, August 16, 2014

Concentration -three secrets

There are three secrets for controlled thinking or yoga concentration. Concentration is the ability to hold your mind to an objective and make that objective subjective or yours. Lets’ say you want to concentrate on happiness. It is objective or outside of you until you learn how to concentrate on it and make it you. This takes practice. It matter not how many times your mind wanders away from the object, what matters is how gently you bring your mind back to the object of concentration. The nature of the mind is the wander. The first secret is that no matter how far the mind wanders you gently bring it back. Concentration begins when the mind of its own volition holds to the object without any departure.

Let’s concentrate on happiness: Close your eyes and focus on something that makes you happy. In your mind hold your focus.  Breathe happiness into your being. What does happiness feel like? Sit with this for a moment.

Happiness - To me is a feeling of joy and delight, and I find that when I hear the sound of laughter especially from the ones I love.

Most recently we had a family party. All of the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren were there. It was the laughter that made me the happiest.

Doctor Lynn

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