Saturday, July 12, 2014

Concentration- the seven rays of discernment

Remember we must pay attention without tension. So begin with your eyes closed and a few deep breathes. Try to release all stress and all thoughts. Just focus on your breathe.   We will visualize an object. Once you fully visualize this object you will reach a state on concentration, the ability to fully hold one image in your mind. To do this we will use the seven rays of discernment. This can be used for any object, person or place.

Let’s envision a sun flower.

What is this? Whose flower is this?  Where is this sunflower? How does this sunflower grow? Which flower is this? (Tall, cut, growing, wild, cultivated), why is this sunflower a flower? When is it not a flower?


Facts – the sunflower opens towards the sun every day and closes at night until it is in full bloom. When is it not a flower? When it is harvested and used as a valuable food source- the oil and the seeds are very nutritious. Practice concentration – attention without tension -Look at life with a discerning eye and ask the seven questions; what, who, where, how, which, why and when. In this you will begin to discover the true nature of life.
Doctor Lynn

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