Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Reduction of Belly Fat Formula

For men the best plan is to eat sensibly and add or increase weight training. Men should lift weights three times a week combined with an eating plan of 3:2:2 which stand for 3 meals a day, 2 snacks a day and 2 or double your starch intake once a day post workout. An easy approach to eating is to think of your plate as, for every 3 bites of vegetable, take 2 bites of protein, and 2 bites of starch.

For women the 3:2:1 approach is better. 3 meals a day, 2 meals should be mostly protein and fiber, and less starch, and 1 meal should be heavier in starch. Again, when looking at your plate think, for every 3 bites of vegetable, 2 bites of protein, and 1 bite of starch. Women should also focus on stress reduction activities like yoga and tai Chi, as well as, walking and light weight lifting.
A combination of exercise which includes aerobics, yoga and weight training, as well as, stress reduction and good food choices in the right proportion will not only help to reduce belly fat, but will extend and improve the quality of your life because a healthy soul with a healthy body-mind walks a healthy path.
Don’t always have time for a full workout – give Aero*boga a try it is a combination of aerobics, yoga and light weight training that is easy and fun. In one hour you will burn about 400 calories while improving cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening bones, improve flexibility and balance and reducing stress.

Follow along as Doctor Lynn presents Aero*boga and the twelve lessons to mastering your life. Watch for upcoming contest

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