Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Re Post The Sixth Impediment to Mastering Your Life

Here is the re-post from Saturday's Yoga class

The Sixth Impediment to mastering your life is lack of proper attitude towards your body and your mind. I am not my body. I am not my mind. They are merely instruments for the expression of me. I am the self existent one. According to yoga you are an eternal soul who has taken on this body and this mind as a means of expressing your true self. Most people are ignorant of this and live their life directed by the mind and the body. But if you get quiet and really listen intuitively, you will discover the true nature of your soul and in that discovery you will find your purpose and meaning here on earth. When you express yourself from your soul you will always find happiness and peace. In this you will learn to master life. How? Get quiet and listen.
Really listen and do not be afraid or concerned. Simply listen to the voice of your soul. Remember no one can do this for you. But once you learn to listen your life will change and you will become the master of your destiny.
Many of my students tell me how much they appreciate my passion and my way of expressing and teaching yoga. I am not the best teacher. Sometimes my body will not allow me to do poses and postures and my mind does not have all the answers. But my teaching comes from my soul. It comes from a place beyond my body and beyond my mind. It is the expression of my soul. Yoga and using my body and my mind to teach, is simply the instrument for the expression of my soul.

Listen to your inner voice and then follow it. In that you will learn to master your life. 

Doctor Lynn

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