Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unique Valentines Ideas

Valentines play list -Tues


It has been theorized that the sound of the mother’s heartbeat, being the first sound a human hears, is the doorway to consciousness. Sound is the first sense to awaken. The rhythmic beat of drums has been used to induce transcendental states. Ticking alarm clocks are sometimes used to sooth puppies that have been removed from their mother. Sound, of course, brings us music, and music, it seems, is more than simply a distraction. Studies show that music can actually give you a better aerobic workout and a better strength-training workout. Those working out to music pumped more iron and burned more calories than a study group that exercised without music. Sex matters http://www.dctorlynn.com

I hope you enjoy the following playlist. Among the songs pay special attention to the Hunchback of Notre Dame singing to Belle. You can feel the love. When you hear Love Shack you’ll feel yourself want to get up and move. Watch for the sensual undertones of I Got a Thing for You. Love story makes you want to lose yourself in the beat and Van Morrison still amazes us with the magic of Moondance.

1.       Real Real Gone/Van Morrison

2.       Burning Love/Elvis Presley

3.       I Wanna Be Your Lover/Prince

4.       Love Away/Capital Cities

5.       Superlove/Avicii & Lenny Kravitz

6.       Lovesong/Adele

7.       Tripped and Fell in Love/Yacht

8.       Notre Dame de Paris(hightlights)

9.       Love Shack/ The B-52’2

10.   I Got a Thing For You/ Jim Bianco

11.   Love Story/Violet Light

12.   Cosmic Love/Florence + The Machine

13.   Cherish/ Kool & the Gang

14.   Moondance/Van Morrison

Doctor Lynn    http://www.doctorlynn.com

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