Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tips for s Slimmer T-Day Dinner

Ready, set, shake and whip!
Bring on the Reddi -Whip. Great topping for the pie or a fruit salad. It's real cream and only about 15 calories in a two tablespoon serving. Totally worth it! And the kids and adults will love the fun of spraying it on!

Reddi-wip® real whipped cream was created in 1948 by Aaron "Bunny" Lapin, an inventor from St. Louis. Originally delivered door-to-door by milkmen, Reddi-whip was an instant hit because of its quality ingredients, convenience, and fun. Today, the signature sound of Reddi-wip dairy whipped topping is recognized by kids and adults alike as the joyful sound of a fun and delicious treat.
One of the reasons Reddi-wip sounds, looks, and tastes so good is that it has always been made with real dairy cream—and never hydrogenated oils like some other whipped toppings. When you hear the sound of Reddi-wip, you know you're getting the creamy and delicious taste of real, high-quality cream.
Doctor Lynn

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