Monday, September 10, 2012

Because Life becomes what life does

This is a new series of blog post. It's about motivation, achievement and success. In any endeavor there are certain ingredients that are required if we are to succeed. Like everyone else I have failed and succeeded. My failures have been valuable lessons. My successes have come after much work, sacrafice and devotion. But like most people I have not always appreciated my successes but, rather tended to focus on my failures. We are afterall our most ardent critics.

We tend to measure our success by the accummulation of things, praises, honors and attention. When success comes without material respresentation we forget the true nature of success. It lies deep within our abilty to be happy and at peace. It lies at the depth of self worth and self esteem. That is why many people accummulate large masses of wealth and still find themselves unhappy. It is not success they have achieved but, the amassing of stuff to compensate for a lack of worth. No amount of wealth can bring you worth.

One of the biggest forms of failure is the diet industry. Diet programs promise us quick loss, happiness and success. It is a $10 Billion a year business, resulting in a 95% failure rate. Why? The deprivation factor and that is exactly the reason most endeavors fail. We feel deprived of time, energy, fun and play. To succeed at anything means to committ, work and focus on the end goal. It means to continue even when the going gets rough.

I wrote the Twelve Lessons for success and then recorded them on an audio CD. Contained within is teh formula and the steps that will lead to success no matter what the endeavor. Here is the first secret; consistancy and persistancy. If applied will lead to success. The problem is we as humans have a tendnecy to give up as soon as the going gets rough or we feel deprived. By nature we want life to be easy. You cannot succeed without working. It is the basic law of Karma - you reap what you sow.
What is needed is an integrated approach where body, mind and spirit work together. Integration is a conscious approach to the choices we make. Our choices are actually a reflection of the connection we hold with our spiritual self. The flesh is weak and the mind is so easily untamed. The spirit moves mountains. So perhaps we need to look at the spiritual componant before embarking upon another diet plan, another business plan or any other plan that promises physical gratification at the cost of emotional and spiritual harmony and bliss. In the spiritual realm one is never be continued.

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Doctor Lynn

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