Thursday, January 05, 2012

Aero*boga - A New Year Lesson 1

Following the yoga path of Bhakti yoga aero*boga combines yoga and simple aerobic dance moves to open, energize and connect the sacral and heart chakras There are 12 lessons that we will explore on our way to self discovery, the nature of relationships and the cultivation of authentic love. This is lesson one. It is best to repeat this lesson for a month. Even if you only do Aero*boga once a week, for a month you will discover something of value.   It is about relationships; the most fundamental and the most complex thing we do…relate to everything and everyone within our world.

 Bhakti yoga is about the spiritual development of sacred love. Our first lesson is the realization that love means to participate. It is the most profound participation of which we are capable. When we love we touch the very essence of others.  It is this essence and not the attributes of looks, status, beauty or charm that connects us to others. It is the spiritual essence of the love that connects us. This fundamental essence is a part of all of us. Authentic love is what unifies us. Love means to merge with another. At the highest level of being we are all united.

First we must open, then energize and finally connect the energy center of giving and receiving (the sacral) with the energy center of love (the heart) Aero*boga the way of the heart.
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