Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Recipe for Great Sex – Bring on the Latin fruit

According to an array of commercials great sex can be had through the ingestion of pills, shampoos, make-up, clothes, cars, vacation…you name it…sex sells. But the real truth is that great sex begins with good health and good health begins with a healthy diet.

On the scene arrive the avocado; a sexy fruit. I know you thought it was a vegetable but actually it is a fruit that is related to the same family as cinnamon and bay laurel. It is high in essential fatty acids, potassium and B vitamins; all nutrients that are good for sexual health. Native to Mexico it was called the fertility fruit. The name avocado actually means testicle; named because it was believe to make a man virile. In some ancient cultures at harvest time women were not allowed to come out of their homes while the men were harvesting the fruit.

However it takes a more than an avocado to create great sex. Just like great guacamole, where the avocado must be fresh and mixed with a good salsa; great sex needs to be ripe and spicy. An avocado is just an avocado until it ripens and blends into a smooth and tasty dish. So how do you ripen into the mood and spice things up?

Oh the mood…that’s the secret to great sex. Without the right mood sex is, well just sex. It’s becomes an act of obligation. Is it any wonder we lose the desire for sex once it becomes as plentiful as a new crop of avocados? I live in Los Angles where avocados are a major fruit. When the avocados season is here we are inundated with cheap and plentiful green looking testicles things that are hard and bitter. They come in bunches and seem to all ripen at the same time. So even though they are cheap and plentiful buying one at a time and letting it ripen to perfection is better than paying less and then rushing through a half dozen or more ripened fruit.

If we  let sex ripen slowly until it is soft and sweet we might just find that sex like the avocado becomes a sexy fruit. Start with the idea of sex and then let it ripen with several hours of foreplay. Tease it like you tease an avocado; slowly let the skin get dark and flush. Give it time.

Then gently slice open the moment, revealing the inner seed of desire surrounded by soft creamy fleshy goodness. Peel away the outer protective skin, softly massage the inner meat and then revel in the sweet taste of passion.

I bet you didn’t know that an avocado could be so sexy? Great sex is all about the interplay. If an avocado is just another thing to eat it becomes common place. But when an avocado is appreciated for all its nuances it becomes a thing of passion. Want great sex? Take your time, let things ripen and appreciate the passion of the moment.
Doctor Lynn

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