Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A recipe for Sex – Carrots – More than meets the eye

Orange is the color associated with the sacral chakra center which in yoga is the center of sexuality. Carrots are orange so that must make them sexy, right? Well it’s not just the color of carrots that make them an erotic vegetable. There’s more to the carrot than meets the eye.

Carrots have long been promoted as good for your eyesight. That’s because carrots provide vitamin A and a deficiency in vitamin A has been associated with night blindness. When I was young my parents would tell me to eat my carrots because they were good for my eyes. When I looked at them inquisitively, my father would ask me if I ever saw a bunny rabbit wearing glasses. I would smile and eat my carrots.

Eating carrots for eyesight is an old wives tale, however eating carrots for sexual health is something else. Carrots are an edible root vegetables packed with nutrients. It is sweet and easily digestible both raw and cooked. It is rich in beta carotene which is what gives it the orange color. Further carrots provide a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B (Riboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, vitamin B6 and folate), vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) and vitamin K. They are also a rich source of minerals such as manganese and potassium. Carrots also provide iron, copper, zinc, calcium, selenium, proteins, carbohydrates and biotin. Each 100-gram of carrot contains 0.6 gram of protein, 7.6 gram of carbohydrates, 30 milligram of calcium, 0.3 gram of fat and 0.6 milligram of iron.

The Greeks and Romans believed carrots to be an aphrodisiac. So much so that the Roman emperor Caligula fed nothing but carrots to his senate so he could watch them romp like wild beast. A study out of Glasgow found that males who ate more carotenoids lived longer, were healthier and were more attractive to females.

Vitamin A is needed for the production of hormones in both men and women. In men the proper amounts of vitamin A are responsible for sperm production and virility and in females vitamin A is responsible for responsiveness and the ability to carry a fetus.

Vitamin A is responsible for our gonads (sex organs – testes and ovaries) to convert cholesterol into the sex hormones to be released into the blood stream and give us desire.  Without adequate vitamin A the ovaries in women and the prostate in men stop producing mucus and sex hormones.

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin meaning it is eaten, transported and stored in fat. You must be careful when cutting fat out of your diet not to cut out the fat soluble vitamins. However one way to make sure you get plenty of vitamin A and keep the fat and calories down is to eat carrots. Cooking and processing kills the vitamin A in most foods. Carrots however are a good source both raw and steamed.  A little side of steamed carrots just might steam things up in the bedroom. So you see there’s more to carrots than meets the eye!
Doctor Lynn

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