Monday, June 13, 2011

Upon my return from Europe

How different the culture, the food, the mood, the attitudes and the value of the dollar when you visit Europe. The wine is superb but the food is hit or miss. The ingredients are most always fresh and nicely prepared but sometimes lack in flavor and flair. However there are the times you stumble upon wonderful bread, delicious cheese and something sweet and unique. In Amsterdam the bread is hearty. The “dutchies” love their bread and take great pride in it. But sadly their food is a bit bland and very heavy. Bruges is known for frites, mussels, stews, waffles, beer and chocolate. The frites were very good but I had better chips in London. The mussels in Maine fresh from the bay are far superior to Belgium. The waffles are good but not my favorite dish. But the white asparagus cooked in Belgium spices and a light sauce with a Carbonnade ( rich beef stew flavored with beer and onions) were divine. As for the beer – I don’t care for beer. I think the German’s do it better. The chocolate was rich and delicious but I don’t need to go all the way to Belgium for chocolates.
The food is rather plain in London but like I said the chips were delicious. We stumbled into a small craft fair with a stand selling homemade tarts. We bought a passion fruit tart that I am still savoring. The best tart I have ever had in my life. The French are known for good food but it is far too rich and heavy for me. The first night we had escargot and cassoulet. My arteries were clogged with duck fat for three days. We did have some French goat cheese that was the best I’ve ever had but that’s not saying much for the French. However I think if we had stayed a few more days we would have found those delightful little belongere and bistros that serve wonderful food.
So now I’m back to Los Angeles and ready to resume my work and my projects. It is good to get away but always good to get back to the United States. Even with all the scandals, issues, problems and concerns, things are pretty good here at home.
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