Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stay to Task

It’s interesting how my ability to make things happen is sharpening itself again. With a little projection and a lot of concentrated energy the pieces of my plan are falling into place. It’s a skill. It’s an ability to focus and then release my desires without attachment and wait for the right time and the right opportunity to arise. It’s about being unperturbed by rejection and disappointment with the full realization that the time and the situation is not right for me at this time.

This week I’m shooting my video for my new exercise class. I have the crew, the facility, the trademark, the concept and the program all organized and ready to go. Last minute details like clothes, food, storyboards, contracts, releases and hair, make-up and nails are all that are left to do. And then we spend the unglamorous and long full day of shooting over and over to get it right. It’s a lot of hard work but I will stay to task and get the job done.

Here’s how it works. I need to give up two yoga classes because the facility where I teach is rundown and the company does not care. I am losing students because the room is filthy. My students have asked me to open my own studio but I just could not find the right situation. I told a lot of people that I was looking and that I would open a studio when I found the right place. In my mind I formed the right time, place and situation. My step daughter in-law asked me about teaching yoga for her employees. I told her I was looking for studio space. She went to her husband’s high school reunion and sat next to a young woman who owned a Pilates studio, was looking for a cycle/yoga instructor and had studio space to sublet. I am looking for a new cycle/yoga class and studio space. She introduced us.

The space is not going to work for my purpose; however it made me think about another space and another way to solve my problem. Every path you follow whether successful or not always lead to another opportunity if you keep your eyes and your mind open.

Doctor Lynn

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