Saturday, June 19, 2010

It’s coming together

Yesterday I did my new video exercise class for my yoga ball students. They loved it and encouraged me to make the video. These people are the best support. They inspire me to reach beyond myself and create. They give me energy. It’s funny how they all tell me that I motivate them. They tell me I say just the right words at the right time to make their day. I am calming, balancing and centered. But they give me so much more. Everyone I have met through my many years of teaching has been a source of inspiration that spurred me on even when I felt tired, sick, sad, lonely and discouraged. And yes I do feel these emotions and experience hard times. I’m just like everyone else. I cry, I laugh, I love and I get sick. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my students stood by me and sent me words and thoughts of good health. They even arranged a group prayer for me even though I am not religious. When I shared with them recently that I had hit the two year mark of post cancer surgery without incident, they cheered me on. Teachers and especially exercise teachers get paid very little for their time. We do it because we love doing it. Our reward is the smiles, the changes we make and the times when someone tells you that what you said or what you did made a difference in their life. Rewards in life are not always monetary. Some time they are subtle and come disguised in the good fortune of meeting and interacting with wonderful people. So as I continue onward, writing my book, producing my new exercise program and creating my nectars I thank all of you for inspiring me to take the leap. Stay tuned and follow me through this journey and I promise you the secret to inner balance will be revealed. Oh and the book is scheduled for publication in August with the video coming out in July. Sign up for my free newsletter at so I can stay in touch. Follow me on Face book at Doctor Lynn and on twitter.

Doctor Lynn

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